Why Nigerians Are Immigrating To Canada

Why Nigerians Are Immigrating To Canada


Why Nigerians Are Immigrating To Canada-Are you wondering why Nigerians are choosing Canada as their top destination when it comes to immigration? Well, this is because Canada is one of the best countries to immigrate to presently as there are a lot of job opportunities in Canada.

There are some countries that have stringent immigration policies that do not favour Nigerians but Canada is always ready to take Nigerians as they believe Nigerians are hardworking and ready to contribute to the growth and development of Canada.

Nigerians make up a large number of immigrants in Canada and more are still going over there.

Canada is a multicultural country that is known for embracing and welcoming people from diverse culture and ethnicity into the country. Canada offers opportunities, high standard of living, security and many other pecks.

The Canadian borders are always open to Nigerians provided that they are coming to contribute to the growth and development of the country.


So in this post, we will be looking at some reasons Nigerians are immigrating to Canada.

Why Nigerians Are Immigrating To Canada

  • High standard of living

Canada is one of the countries of the world with high standard of living and that is why a lot of people are leaving their country to the Great White North including Nigerians.

Who doesn’t want a better life? In Canada, the cost of living is fair compared to Nigeria where inflation has taken a footstool.

  • Job opportunities

A lot of Nigerians relocate to Canada in search of greener pastures as there are no jobs in Nigeria. The unemployment rate in Nigeria is high and so since Canada offers better job opportunities with attractive salaries, it is the best place to be.

The government of Canada has a target of inviting over 400,000 immigrants to the country this year and Nigerians are not left out. Canada offers job opportunities in areas like healthcare, agriculture, oil and gas and many others. You should take advantage of this.

  • Sound Educational System

Do you know that Canada is home for some of the best universities and colleges in the world? You have universities like University of Toronto, British Columbia University etc. The country boasts of a sound educational system and also the government is funding education up to 12th Grade. Graduates from the universities in Canada can compete with graduates from other best universities in the world.


Research has it that many Nigerians are relocating to Canada to school and start a career.

  • Better Healthcare System

The hospitals in Nigeria are very poor and offer poor services to the citizens and also the rate of strike by doctors in the country is alarming but with Canada, you will definitely enjoy the best healthcare services and the good thing about it is that it is free. The government is paying for the services from the taxes the citizens of Canada and permanent residents pay.

  • Safety and security

It is no news that the level of insecurity in Nigeria is alarming and many youths are leaving the country to a better and safer place. Canada offers you a great deal of safety as you can go about your day’s activities without fear and panic. The cities are protection with the police at you beck and call.

Crimes are at its minimal in Canada and there is not fear of xenophobic attacks like the one Nigerians experienced in South Africa. Canadian are lovely people that welcome people from different countries, race, religion and culture.

  • Affordability

Canada is affordable and less expensive to live in. Many provinces and cities can offer you comfort even if you earn less.

  • Attractive minimum wages

Canada is one of the countries that offer a good minimum wage compared to Nigeria where the minimum wage is nothing to write home about because of the depreciation in the value of the currency.

How To Move From Nigeria To Canada

The Canadian government is looking to welcome over 1 million immigrants to the country according to the Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024 and there are over 100 immigration programs through which foreign nationals can immigrate to the country to study, work, setup business or visit.

Here, we will look at some of the best immigration system to move from Nigeria to Canada and they are:

The Federal Express Entry System

This is the most popular immigration program in Canada and it was initiated in 2015 to help speed up the immigration process in Canada. It is not only the most popular but also one of the fastest immigration programs in Canada as it has a processing time that is as short as six weeks.

The Express Entry System is an online program where applicants are expected to create an online program after they must have met the requirements for the program as regards their age, work experience, education etc.

For you to complete your profile, you will need the following as these will be used to give you a score:

  • Your passport or travel document
  • Education credential assessment report
  • Language test results
  • Certificate of qualification in a trade occupation issued by a Canadian province or territory (if you have one)
  • Proof of work experience (if you have one)
  • Provincial Nomination (if you have one)


After meeting these requirements, you will be placed in a pool with other applicants where a draw will be conducted and scores will be given to every applicant that is participating in that particular draw.

The scores given will be ranked against a cut-off score in a ranking system called the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) and then applicants that meet or exceed the cut-off mark in the ranking system will be selected to receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residency in Canada.

Also, you do not need a job offer from an employer in Canada to participate in this program although getting a job offer will increase your CRS score thereby increasing your chances of being selected to get an Invitation to Apply for permanent residency in Canada.

There are three federal immigration streams that are managed under the Express Entry System and they are:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

So you can go through any of the streams for which you meet the requirements and move to Canada under the Express Entry System.

Provincial Nominee Program

This program is tailored at meeting the specific needs of the provinces in the country and each province is in charge of its nomination process.

This is a program that is coordinated and supervised by the provincial government in conjunction with the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The program was created to help the provinces in Canada hire foreign skilled worker to come fill up labour shortages in the provinces and contribute to the workforce.

There are about 13 provinces in Canada but only 11 are participating in this Provincial Nomination Programs and these provinces have their own PNP that is created to meet their economic needs.

The requirements for the PNP differs from province to province as each province is in charge of its nomination and mind you, the provinces only nominate foreign nationals to come to Canada, they do not approve your application for Canadian immigration but a nomination from them will increase your chances of immigrating to Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Canada issuing visa to Nigerians?
  • Yes, Canada is issuing visa to Nigerians that want to come to the country. You must meet the Canada visa requirements for Nigeria before you will be issued a Canadian visa.

  • How much do I need to immigrate to Canada from Nigeria?
  • Immigrating to Canada from Nigeria costs about CA$2,300 for a single applicant and about CA$4,500 for a couple. The amount also varies depending on which program you are applying through.

  • Why is Canada looking for immigrants?
  • Canada has an Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024 where it is looking to invite about 1.3 million immigrants to the country between 2022 to 2024. In 2022, it is looking to invite about 431,645 new immigrants. this is to ensure that the country has the workers it needs to fill up labour shortages and contribute to its growth and development.

  • Is it easy to find a job in Canada?
  • Canada is a land of opportunities and so there are a lot of jobs in Canada. The country is experiencing labour shortages and so it is looking to bring in foreign workers to come fill up the labour shortages and so getting a job in Canada is not difficult. You can just go through some Canadian job websites to see the jobs that are available in Canada.

    Final Note

    Canada is a place to be and so it is no surprise that Nigerians are relocating there in their numbers. You can also be among those moving to Canada in pursue for greener pasture as Canada offers a lot of wonder opportunities and could be the start of a new life for you and your family.

    We talked about some of the best immigration programs through which you could go through to immigrate to Canada although there are other immigration programs in Canada.

    So now that you know that Canada is looking for immigrants to come fill up labour shortages in the country, this is your opportunity to move to the Great White North and be among the new immigrants that will be welcome to Canada this year.


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