University Canada West Vancouver Canada 150 Tuition Concession For The Armed Forces 2022/2023

University Canada West Vancouver


Do you want to study in Canada? This post will share one of Canada’s best scholarships available. The University of Canada West (UCW) offers entrance awards, scholarships, and grants to prospective students submitting applications to an undergraduate or graduate program at UCW. Applying for continuing student Awards is also possible for students presently enrolled at UCW. You are only eligible to earn one (1) award, scholarship, grant, or continuing student award

All current, reserve and retired members of the Canadian Armed Forces are eligible for the Canada 150 Tuition Concession for the Canadian Armed Forces program, which offers a 30 percent tuition discount in appreciation of their service to the nation. You must provide proof of your membership in the Canadian Armed Forces. A copy of the National Defense Identification (NDI) Card, CFOne Card, or Veteran’s Service Card must be sent with the first application to be eligible for this award in order to verify the applicant’s status with the CAF.

Overview Of University Canada West Vancouver Canada

University Canada West (UCW) is a for-profit private university in British Columbia, Canada. David F. Strong started it in 2004. University Canada West is a business-oriented, teaching-focused institution. From the minute you arrive on campus to the moment you graduate, every experience is designed to give you the greatest possible start in your career.

The Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication, Associate of Arts, and Master of Business Administration are among the career-focused programs at UCW. Courses are available in their downtown Vancouver location as well as online. Offering courses online adds flexibility to education, enabling students who might not have had the chance to get valued certifications.

The British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills, and Training have certified the institution, and it has the Education Quality Assurance (EQA) certification under the 2003 Degree Authorization Act. In addition, the University is a member of the British Columbia Council on Admissions and Transfer. The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs accredited the University’s bachelors and postgraduate business degrees in 2017.

Scholarship Benefits

  • In recognition of their service to their nation, recipients will pay tuition at a 30 percent reduced rate.

Scholarships In University Of Canada West Details:

  • Organization: University of Canada West
  • Open For: All Nations are eligible to apply
  • Gender: Male/Female
  • Country: Canada
  • City: Vancouver
  • Scholarship: Fully Funded and Partially Funded
  • Degree: Undergraduates, Graduates

Fields Of Study


International and National Students can Apply for following fields of study offered in University of Canada west,


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at UCW will equip you for success on a worldwide scale and is ACBSP, and NCMA recognized. By making wise decisions, you will eventually be able to drive the success of your business. You will learn how to handle difficult circumstances with grace.

To keep their students up to speed with emerging technical trends, they cooperate with digital leaders like Riipen, the Digital Marketing Institute, Salesforce (Trailhead), Tableau, and IBM as part of their MBA curriculum contains relevant digital components.

Additionally, students may be eligible to get certifications such as the Certified Management Consultant (CMC), the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR), the Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP), and others.

Bachelor of Commerce

With a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), you’ll have a solid foundational understanding of the modern company and its procedures. This degree program, based in Vancouver, Canada, is certified by the ACBSP and prepares you for a rewarding job in business or management where you will positively impact a global economy.

A free Associate Membership in the organization is available to BCom students already enrolled in the program, allowing UCW students to join Canada’s chartered management and leadership society while pursuing their degree. Associate Members may use all of the association’s networking and professional development events to help them prepare for their new careers once they graduate.

Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication


The Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication (BABC) program is an interdisciplinary one that will expand your theoretical and practical understanding of business, media, and cultural studies. Students who complete this course will gain communication skills and media literacy applicable to journalism, public relations, advertising, professional writing, and communications professions.

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication (BABC) offers a scaffolded series of business and communications courses. It also incorporates media studies courses to provide an interdisciplinary degree that gives students a solid foundation for employment in media and communications companies and other commercial jobs involving communications.

Associate of Arts

The Associate of Arts (AA) degree provides students with a strong basis for future study and prepares them for life as educated adults. The first two years of a four-year degree in the arts may be completed in this two-year, 60-credit (20 courses) undergraduate program. It serves as a credential to join the job market or as a means of preparing students to transfer to research or teaching colleges to finish their bachelor’s degrees.

Providing additional entry criteria are satisfied, the AA degree is approved for transfer into bachelor’s degree programs at University Canada West (UCW) and all British Columbia degree-granting institutions.

Entrance Rewards Requirement

  • Before the student’s admission offer expires, they must start their program.
  • The student is not allowed to switch programs.
  • All fees not covered by the award must be paid by the due dates specified by the institution.
  • The student has to keep up their academic position.
  • The student must continue to be enrolled full-time.
  • New students accepted for admission to the undergraduate or graduate programs at UCW are eligible for entrance awards from University Canada West.
  • You are only eligible for ONE (1) admission reward.
  • If you are qualified for more than one automatically issued prize, the one with the greatest value will be given to you.
  • These prizes are not available to students who are enrolled in online programs.
  • To be eligible for an award, applicants with conditional offers must first meet the requirements for full (i.e., unconditional) admission.
  • Award winners are encouraged to represent UCW as ambassadors and participate in alumni involvement and outreach activities.
  • Every honor is given as a tuition credit.
  • Courses completed in New Student Orientation (NSO), ENGL 080, and any subsequent attempts at the same course are not eligible for disbursal funds (even if taken within the disbursal period).

English Language Instruction For The Awards

You might be able to provide your transcripts or reports as evidence of your academic English language ability if you finished your schooling in an English-speaking nation. UCW recognizes the following accomplishments as fulfilling the criteria for admission (without the requirement to take UAP).

  • BC A final grade of “C” in English 12 (or equivalent) from a Canadian course (or better).
  • A final-year average grade of “C” after four years of full-time study at a university in a nation where English is the language of teaching (or better).
  • English A1/A2 or English Literature and Performance with a final grade of “3” in the International Baccalaureate (or better).
  • A three-credit academic English course with a “C” on the final exam (or better).
  • 30-credits of post-secondary academic study with a CGPA of 2.00 in a nation where English is the language of teaching (or better).
  • However, if the admissions office discovers that your application contains English-language problems, they may ask you for further documentation of your language skills.
  • You may decide to provide evidence of passing a standardized English-language proficiency exam if you received your education in a nation that does not speak English.
  • Alternatively, you may provide evidence of your academic English language skills by presenting a certificate from an ESL route program. Once accepted into an ESL program, you may apply for admission to UCW. You will be granted approval if you finish your ESL course before starting your degree at UCW.

Additional Scholarships & Grants at the University of Canada West

Both local and foreign students may apply for entry rewards, scholarships, and grants from University Canada West (UCW). The following are examples of them, some of which have full funding and others of which have partial funding:

  • Women in Leadership MBA Award
  • Americas Tuition
  • University Canada West Founder’s Scholarship
  • Scholarships for Academic Excellence
  • MBA Foundation Study Grant
  • The Emily Baker Scholarship
  • European Grant
  • Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Regional Grant
  • Southeast Asia (SEA) Regional Grant
  • Middle East Regional Grant
  • Special Targeted Regional Award Program
  • Canada 150 Tuition Concession for the Armed Forces
  • Live Our Vision of Education (L.O.V.E.) Canada Undergraduate Scholarship
  • MBA Excellence Scholarship for Continuing Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Is UCW A Real University?

University Canada West (UCW) is a teaching-focused, creative business and technology-oriented university in Canada that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees to both local and international students.

Is Scholarship An Award?

A scholarship is a kind of financial assistance given to students to help them pursue their studies. Scholarships are based on various factors, including academic performance, diversity and inclusion, athletic ability, and financial need.

Is UCW A Good University?

Yes, it is. University Canada West (UCW) achieved an overall 5 Star rating from the QS Stars higher education assessment system in September 2021. UCW is just the third institution in Canada to obtain a 5-star rating from QS Stars and the first in British Columbia.

Can I Get A Full Scholarship In Canada?

Yes, you can. Scholarships are available for British students to study at any approved Canadian higher education institution, covering tuition, travel, and living expenses, among other things.

What GPA Is Required For Scholarships In Canada?

Undergraduate scholarship students must maintain a GPA of 2.67 to earn continuous scholarship payments. On the other hand, graduate scholarship holders must maintain a CGPA of 3.0.




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