30 Best Schools In Ottawa Canada

Best Schools In Ottawa Canada

Best Schools In Ottawa Canada-Do you know the privilege that comes with studying in the capital city of Canada?

Ottawa is one of the best cities to live in Canada and it offers one of the best quality of education in the country so if you are moving to Canada with your family, be rest assure that you kids are going to be getting the best quality of education.

Every parent wants the best education for their children and so it is always taxing trying to figure out the best school to enroll their children. In a city like Ottawa where there are a lot of schools, finding the best schools to enroll your child might be difficult.

But no need to worry about that as we have made your search easier as we are going to be showing you some of the best schools in Ottawa.

Without further ado, let’s proceed…

About Ottawa

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and it is located at the confluence of the Ottawa River and the Rideau River in the southern portion of Ontario which is a province in Canada. It was founded in 1826 as Bytown and incorporated as Ottawa in 1855.

As of 2021, it had a city population of 1,017,449 and a metropolitan population of 1,488,307 which makes it the fourth-largest city and fourth-largest metropolitan area in Canada.

Ottawa is the political centre of Canada and also the headquarters to the federal government and houses a lot of important organizations and buildings.

Ottawa has the most educated population among cities in Canada and it is home for a number of high schools, colleges and universities.

List Of Schools In Ottawa

Here, we will be looking at the list of schools in Ottawa both private and public.

Public Schools In Ottawa

  • All Saint High School
  • Canterbury High School
  • Colonel By Secondary School
  • Earl of March Secondary School, Kanata
  • Glebe Collegiate Institute
  • Hillcrest High School
  • John McCrae High School
  • Lisgar Collegiate Institute
  • Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School 
  • Nepean High School
  • Ottawa Technical Secondary School
  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School
  • St. Pius X High School
  • Western Carleton Secondary School

Private Schools in Ottawa

  • Academie Providence
  • Academie St-Laurent Academy
  • Academie Westboro Academy
  • Academie Westboro Academy
  • Ashbury College
  • Astolot Educational Centre
  • Brookfield High School
  • Ecole Secondaire Catholique Paul Desmarais
  • Elmwood School
  • Fern Hill School
  • Holy Trinity Catholic High School
  • Joan of Arc Academy
  • Kanata Academy
  • March Academy
  • OMS Montessori
  • Ottawa Torah Institute & Machon Sarah Girls HS
  • Redeemer Christian High School
  • St. Timothy’s Classical Academy
  • The Element High School
  • Turnbull School

Best Schools in Ottawa

Here, we will be talking about some of the best schools in Ottawa but we will be categorizing them into public and private schools.

Best Public Schools In Ottawa

These are the best public schools in Ottawa in no perking order as they all offer top quality education.

  • Colonel By Secondary School
  • John McCrae Secondary School
  • Nepean High School
  • Canterbury High School
  • Glebe Collegiate Institute
  • Lisgar Collegiate Institute
  • Earl of March Secondary School, Kanata
  • Western Carleton Secondary School

  • Colonel By Secondary School

This is an Ottawa-Carleton District School Board high school that is located in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Gloucester in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. it was established in 1972 and it was the only English public school in Ottawa that offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma programme.

It is ranked among the top six secondary schools in Ontario. The IB program is a rigorous two-year pre-university course of studies that provides an internationally accepted qualification for entry into higher education. The IB diploma is recognized by colleges and universities worldwide.

The IB program is offered to students in grade 11 and grade 12.

The school has a history of great maths students who performed excellently in national maths contests conducted by the University of Waterloo and many local and national competitions. The school is known for its lead athletes that have won many medals in various competitions held in Ottawa.

For more information about the school, visit: https://colonelbyss.ocdsb.ca/

  • John McCrae Secondary School

This is one of the best schools in Ottawa and it was established in 1999 in Nepean district of Ottawa and supports grades from 9 to 12. It is a public secondary school and it is attached to the Walter Baker Sports Centre. The school is built on a hill in a residential neighborhood in old Barrhaven.

The school provides a secure learning atmosphere for pupils in a modern facility. It has large, open classrooms, modern computer labs, updated technology shops, arts studios and open science laboratories which provides an ideal setting for students to develop their abilities and interests.

The school offers several sports events like Filed Hockey, Golf, Touch Football, Field Lacrosse, Swimming, Soccer, Football, Tennis, Baseball, Rugby and many other for both girls and boys varsity teams.

For more information about the school, visit: https://johnmccraess.ocdsb.ca/

  • Nepean High School

This is a high school that is located in the Westboro neighborhood at 574 Broadview Avenue. The school was established in 1922 and it is known for its strong success with roughly 94% of students graduating to higher education.

They have passionate and dynamic faculty and staffs are committed to providing a stimulating and caring atmosphere in which students are encouraged to reach their full potentials.

Nepean High School is devoted to providing an extraordinary high school experience for their students at Nepean through enhanced academic, athletic, leadership programming and fine arts.

For more information about the school, visit: https://nepeanhs.ocdsb.ca/

Best Private Schools In Ottawa

These are the best private schools in Ottawa in no perking order.

  • Ashbury College
  • Astolot Educational Centre
  • Elmwood School
  • Joan of Arc Academy
  • Turnbull School
  • Fern Hill School
  • Academie Westboro Academy
  • Brookfield High School
  • Academie Providence

  • Ashbury College

This is an independent day and boarding school that was established in 1891 by the faculty of Bishop’s College School in Quebec to accommodate BCS students living in Ottawa.

The school moved to its current location in the Rockcliffe Park area of Ottawa, Ontario in 1910. It was formed as single-gender boys’ schools and started accepting female students in 1982.

It is an International Baccalaureate World School, a member of the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools and a member of Round Square. The school currently enrolls approximately 550 senior (grades 9-12) and 150 junior (grades 4-8) students.

Ashbury College offers a joint Ontario High School Diploma and Ashbury College Diploma and also International Baccalaureate Diploma and International Baccalaureate Bilingual Diploma.

For more information about Ashbury College, visit: https://ashbury.ca/

  • Elmwood School

This is a private day school for girls and it is located in Rockcliffe Park in Ottawa, Ontario. The school was established in 1915 and it is an International Baccalaureate World School.

The school was the first school in North America to be accredited for all three levels of the IB Program: the diploma programme, the middle years programme and the primary years programme.

It is also a member of the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools and the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools.

Elmwood School provides education to about 400 students within the ages of 4 to 18 and the average class size is 12.

Over 80% of graduates each year receive valuable scholarships to post-secondary institutions in Canada.

For more information about Elmwood School, visit: https://www.elmwood.ca/

  • Turnbull School

This is a full-time private, non-denominational school for students in junior kindergarten to grade 8 located in the Carlington neighborhood of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Turnbull School was established in 1992 by Mary Ann S. Turnbull, M. Ed. It moved to its current location in 1996.

The school has exceptional teachers that have provided a well-rounded and enriching academic program with emphasis on excellence and caring. The school follows the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Curriculum.

For more information about the school, visit: https://turnbull.ca/

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Ottawa a good place to study?
  • Ottawa is seen as the most educated city in the country. It is a great student city with plenty of offer. It is home of some of the best schools in Ontario and Canada at large.

  • Which high school is the best in Ottawa?
  • Canterbury High School.Nepean High School.Lisgar Collegiate Institute.All Saints High School.John McCrae Secondary School.
  • Are schools free in Ottawa?
  • Yes. Public schools in Ottawa are free as the government pays for public elementary and secondary school education.All children in Ontario have the right to attend school and school is compulsory for children from age six.

  • Are public schools in Canada free for international students?
  • Public secondary or high schools in Canada are free for permanent residents and citizens of Canada but international students will have to pay tuition fees. This could range from CA$8,674 to CA$ 14,038 per year.

    Final Note

    Ottawa is a wonderful place to study and like we said in the article, it has the most educated population in Canada.

    If you are moving to Ottawa and you are looking for the best school where you can enroll your children, you can look at the best schools in Ottawa we mentioned in this article. These schools are not only seen as the best in Ottawa but they are also among the best schools in Canada.

    Ensure that you visit the schools’ websites to get more information about the school you would like to enroll your kids in but be sure that all these school offer top quality education.


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