60 Best Residential Schools In Ontario

Best Residential Schools In Ontario


Best Residential Schools In Ontario-If you are seeing this post, it means that you are looking for the best residential/boarding schools in Ontario, well you just saw this post right in time as we are going to help you figure out the best boarding school in Ontario for your family as there are a lot of boarding schools in Ontario.

Ontario is one of the thirteen provinces in Canada and it is located in central Canada. It is right to say that Ontario is the most populous province in Canada with 38.3% of the country’s population.

It is the home for the most populous city in Canada, Toronto which is also the capital city of Ontario. It is also home for the nation’s capital city, Ottawa.

Ontario is also known to offer one of the best quality of education in the country as it is home for some of the top schools from elementary to tertiary institutions in the country.

So after our intensive research, we have been able to come up with a comprehensive list of some of the best residential schools in Ontario.


So without further ado, let’s get into the article proper…

List Of Residential Schools In Ontario

Here is a list of some of the residential schools in Ontario and where they are located.

  • Academie Ste-Cecile International School (Windsor, Ontario)
  • Agate Private School (St. Catharines, Ontario)
  • Albert College (Belleville, Ontario)
  • Appleby College (Oakville, Ontario)
  • Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning (Belleville, Ontario)
  • Ashbury College (Ottawa, Ontario)
  • Bishop Strachan School (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Bond Academy (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Braemar College Boarding School (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Branksome Hall (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Bronte College (Mississauga, Ontario)
  • Columbia International College (Hamilton, Ontario)
  • Community Life Christian School (Toronto, Ontario)\
  • Convoy International Secondary School (Essa, Ontario)
  • Country Garden Montessori Academy (Newmarket, Ontario)
  • Dewey Institute (Bracebridge, Ontario)
  • Don Valley Academy (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Durham Elementary, Durham Academy and G.B.M.S (Oshawa, Ontario)
  • Erindale Academy (Mississauga, Ontario)
  • Everest Academy (Vaughan, Ontario)
  • Fulford Academy (Brockville, Ontario)
  • Great Lakes Christian High School (Beamsville, Ontario)
  • Great Lakes College of Toronto (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Hamilton District College (Ancaster, Ontario)
  • Haven International School (Brantford, Ontario)
  • Havergal College (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Hillfield Strathallan College (Hamilton, Ontario)
  • Hudson College (Toronto, Ontario)
  • J. Addison School (Markham, Ontario)
  • Keystone School (Toronto, Ontario)
  • King’s Christian Collegiate (Oakville, Ontario)
  • King’s College School for Bright and Gifted Children (Caledon, Ontario)
  • Lakefield College School (Lakefield, Ontario)
  • Laureate College (Burlington, Ontario)
  • London Christian High (London, Ontario)
  • London International Academy (London, Ontario)
  • McDonald International Academy MIA (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Mentor College (Mississauga, Ontario)
  • Merrick Preparatory School (Merrickville, Ontario)
  • Metropolitan Preparatory Academy Boarding School (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Nancy Campbell Academy (Stratford, Ontario)
  • Niagara Christian Collegiate Boarding School (Fort Erie, Ontario)
  • Nile Academy (Toronto, Ontario)
  • NOIC Academy (Markham, Ontario)
  • Pickering College (Newmarket, Ontario)
  • Princeton Academy Canada Private School (Markham, Ontario)
  • Queen’s Collegiate (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Ridley College (Markham, Ontario)
  • Robert Land Academy (Wellandport, Ontario)
  • Rockway Mennonite Collegiate (Kitchener, Ontario)
  • Rosseau Lake College (Rosseau, Ontario)
  • Royal Crown Academic School (Scarborough, Ontario)
  • Signet Christian School (Toronto, Ontario)
  • St. Andrew’s College (Aurora, Ontario)
  • St. John’s-Kilmarnock School (Waterloo Region, Ontario)
  • SuOn Academy (Toronto, Ontario)
  • TAIE International Institute Private School (Toronto, Ontario)
  • The Hill Academy (Caledon, Ontario)
  • Toronto District Christian High School (Woodbridge, Ontario)
  • Toronto High School (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Toronton STEM School (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Trafalgar Castle School (Whitby, Ontario)
  • Trillium School (Markham, Ontario)
  • Trinity College School (Port Hope, Ontario)
  • Upper Canada College Private Boarding School (Toronto, Ontario)
  • UWC College Canada (Toronto, Onatrio)
  • Vaughan College Private School (Vaughan, Ontario)
  • Venture Academy Troubled Teens Program (Barrie Area, Ontario)
  • Victoria International Ballet Academy (Toronto, Academy)
  • Webtree Academy (North York, Ontario)
  • William Academy Private School (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Woodland Christian High School (Breslau, Ontario)
  • Yini test (Mississauga, Ontario)

Best Residential Schools In Ontario

Here, we will be looking at some of the best residential schools in Ontario based on tuition fees, reviews, location, curriculum and also sports. These schools are not just the best in Ontario but they are also among the best residential schools in Canada.

  • Albert College
  • Branksome Hall School
  • Bronte College
  • McDonald International Academy
  • Merrick Preparatory School
  • Metropolitan Preparatory Academy Boarding School
  • Pickering College
  • Ridley College
  • Robert Land Academy
  • St. Andrew’s College
  • Trafalgar Castle School
  • Trinity College School

  • Albert College

It is a co-educational independent boarding and day school that is located in Belleville, Ontario. The school was established in 1857 by the Methodist Episcopal Church as the Belleville Seminary. It is the oldest co-ed boarding independent school in Canada and the only private boarding school in Belleville.

The school currently has an enrollment of about 300 students from over 20 countries of the world.

The school provides an environment that fosters and aids the development of self-confidence in student.


Boarding students are divided into three residences which are Baker House for boys in Grade 7 to 9, Graham Hall, for boys in Grade 10, 11 and 12 and Victoria Manor, for all boarding girls.

Albert College has facilities like a chapel, dining hall, a number of art rooms and a science wing. The school also offers a number of varsity and intramural sports including swimming, lacrosse, rugby, basketball, soccer etc.

For more information about Albert College, visit its official website: https://www.albertcollege.ca/

  • Pickering College

This is an independent co-educational school for children in grades from Junior Kindergarten through grade 12. The school was established in 1842 and it is located in Newmarket, Ontario. It is the second oldest independent school in Ontario behind Upper Canada College (UCC).  It accepts both day and boarding students.

Pickering College offers unique opportunities in academics, arts, athletics, global leadership development and community service.

Some of the benefits are enrolling in Pickering College are:

  • 100% university placement at top universities in Canada and around the world
  • Dedicated and caring teachers who are specialists in their field
  • Fully integrated Global Leadership Program
  • Challenging and engaging academic curriculum
  • Full recreational and competitive co-curricular program
  • Safe and supportive nurturing environment
  • Dynamic boarding program
  • Small class sizes and personalized attention at every grade
  • ESL classes
  • 430 students of which 130 are international students from more than 25 countries

Boarding international students will pay a tuition fee of around CA$68,500.

For more information about the school, visit: https://www.pickeringcollege.on.ca/

  • Bronte College

This is private, co-educational day and boarding high school that was established in 1991 and located in Mississauga, Ontario. The high school offers the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) to grades 9 through to 12. The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme is offered in Grade 11 and 12 and Advanced Placement (AP) is offered to Grade 12.

The school boasts of modern facilities including a library, auditorium, indoor gymnasium, fitness centre, full-service cafeteria and outdoor field.

The tuition fee could range from CA$ 19,200 to CA$23,500.

For more information about the school, visit: https://brontecollege.ca/

Why Choose A Residential School In Ontario?


It is normal for parents and students to look for the best residential schools are they want more challenging and rewarding academic experience. Attending residential or boarding schools will ensure that students are fully involved in an educational world where learning is a priority.

Ontario is one of the best provinces in Canada to live and there are many residential schools in the province with some of them being among the best in Canada.

The residential schools in Ontario have an average class size of 12 which helps students to think creatively and participate actively in learning. Most of the teachers live on campus and are always available to help the students.

The schools welcome international students from around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is boarding school a good idea for kids?
  • In as much as a lot of parents do not want to stay away from their kids especially while they are growing, sending your kids to boarding school is a great idea. Boarding schools teaches the children to become responsible adults in the society. They tend to develop more confidence and become independent.

  • What are the disadvantages of attending boarding school?
  • In as much as there are a lot of advantages that comes with attending boarding school, there are also some disadvantages and they are:

    • High tuition feesChildren may get homesickHigh rate of immoral actsInadequate feedingDecline in parents-child relationship

  • How many boarding schools are in Ontario?
  • There are a lot of boarding schools in Ontario both public and private and they are known to provide top quality education to students. These boarding schools are elementary and high schools for both Canadians and international students.

  • What is the cost of boarding schools in Ontario?
  • The tuition fees for boarding schools in Ontario could range from CA$15,934 to CA$75,378 and the cost is like the cost of day private schools in Ontario. There are just slight differences to cover the housing and meal.

  • What is the best residential school in Ontario?
  • There are a lot of residential (boarding) schools in Ontario but the best are:

    • Albert CollegeBranksome Hall SchoolBronte CollegeMcDonald International AcademyMerrick Preparatory SchoolMetropolitan Preparatory Academy Boarding SchoolPickering CollegeRidley CollegeRobert Land AcademySt. Andrew’s CollegeTrafalgar Castle SchoolTrinity College School

    Final Note

    Ontario is a good place to study in Canada and if you are looking for residential schools where you can enroll your kid(s) whether you are living in Canada or not, Ontario has top quality schools where you can enroll your kid.

    We have shown you some of the best residential (boarding) schools in Ontario; do well to visit the schools’ websites to get more information about the school you will like to enroll your child in.


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