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Nottingham Trent University International Undergraduate Scholarships are available to international and European Union students who want to undertake an undergraduate or postgraduate program at the university during the academic year beginning in September 2022 or January 2022. This scholarship program is open to high-potential students from all over the globe, with the goal of assisting them in their studies by paying part of their expenses.

Scholarship Benefits

NTU Excellence Scholarships

  • 25% and 50% of tuition fee. For undergraduate courses, first year only then £3,000 following years.

NTU International Scholarships

  • £2,000

NTU International Merit Scholarships

  • £3,000

Regional And Subject Scholarships (Undergraduate)

  • Canada Law Scholarship: 25% or 50% of tuition fee (first year only then £3,000 following years)
  • Taiwan STEM Scholarship: 50% of tuition fee
  • Undergraduate Scholarship Taiwan: £4,000 first year only
  • Undergraduate Scholarship Sri Lanka: £4,000 per year of study
  • Undergraduate Scholarships Bangladesh (Law): 20% of tuition fee per year of study

Regional And Subject Scholarships (Postgraduate)

  • Canada Law Scholarship: 25% or 50% of tuition fee
  • GREAT Scholarships Bangladesh, Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia (Law): £10,000
  • LLM South Asia Scholarship: 50% of tuition fee
  • LLM Vietnam Scholarship: 50% of tuition fee
  • LLM Sub Saharan Africa Scholarship: 50% of tuition fee
  • Postgraduate Scholarships Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Myanmar, Pakistan, Serbia, Turkey, Taiwan, Latin America and Caribbean, Malaysia: £4,000
  • Postgraduate Scholarship Vietnam: £5,000
  • Taiwan STEM Scholarship: 50% of tuition fee
  • Online MBA Scholarships, Africa, Middle East and India: Bursary scheme of £3,400 bringing the total programme fee to £13,600.

Scholarship Criteria

  • You must have an offer of a seat on a qualifying program (excluding SQE Preparation courses, PGDL, LPC, BTC, Distance Learning, and Exchange students) and be classified as an international student for tuition fee reasons (‘international student’) to be eligible for an International Scholarship.
  • Progression students at Nottingham Trent International College (NTIC) are not eligible to apply for an International Scholarship.
  • Please do not apply for a scholarship until you have applied to study at the University. Before applying for a scholarship, you must have been offered a seat in an approved program at NTU (Nottingham Trent University).
  • These scholarships are exclusively available to international candidates. For information about scholarships for UK students, please visit
  • Suppose you are studying at a partner institution. In that case, you are eligible for either an NTU International Scholarship or the Partner Progression Discount (the higher amount would be deducted from your tuition fees).
  • International students who are sponsored (your tuition expenses are funded in whole or in part by an employer, government, or financing organization) are unable to apply for an International Scholarship.
  • Applicants may only apply for an International Scholarship once each academic year, provided they have been offered a seat on a qualified degree.
  • You are only eligible for an International Scholarship if you are an international student starting your first year of study in September 2022 or January 2023 (or year 2 or 3 of an undergraduate program in the event of advanced entrance). International students who enrolled before January 2022 and are scheduled to begin their second, third, or fourth year of study in September 2022 or January 2023 or who are expected to repeat the first year of study are unable to apply.
  • Applicants must be international students commencing a new program at NTU. We cannot evaluate applications from international students who were enrolled in an NTU course of study before January 2022 unless they are advancing to a new NTU course of study.
  • Applications submitted after the deadline of 16:00 GMT (4 pm) will be automatically evaluated for the next available deadline. Application forms submitted after the first deadline but before the second deadline, for example, will be considered for the second deadline.
  • Applications submitted after the deadline will be rejected.
  • This application form is solely for undergraduate and postgraduate taught eligible courses. This form should not be used to apply for research funding.
  • International students who apply for an International Scholarship but are unsuccessful will be considered for any other scholarship for which they are qualified.
  • If you get another NTU scholarship, bursary, or tuition fee reduction, you will only be eligible for the larger reward (except for candidates who are awarded a Sports Scholarship).
  • If you are offered a place to study on a one-year full-time, two-year part-time, or two-year full-time Master’s degree with a year-long work experience from NTU, you are also given another scholarship, bursary, and/or tuition fee reduction; you will only be eligible for the greater award (except for candidates who are awarded a Sports Scholarship).
  • If you are offered a place on a one-year full-time or two-year part-time postgraduate Master’s course or a two-year full-time postgraduate Master’s course that includes a year-long work placement, you are also awarded a scholarship, bursary, and/or tuition fee reduction from NTU, you will only be eligible for the higher award (except for candidates who are awarded a Sports Scholarship).
  • If you are granted an Undergraduate Scholarship, the reward will be withdrawn from your tuition charge at the start of each year. To keep receiving this, you must successfully finish each year of the course. Scholarships are not applied during a placement year but will resume in your final year of study.
  • The International Scholarship is not transferrable and will not be provided if you opt to change courses at NTU.
  • Within four weeks following the application deadline, applicants will be notified if they have been granted an International Scholarship (and the amount of the scholarship award if they have been won).
  • When an applicant accepts their scholarship offer/ and accepts and satisfies the terms of their course offer/ and is able to enrol on the program, the scholarship is credited to the tuition cost.
  • Scholarships are competitive, and the information supplied on the scholarship application form is used to make the decision. Therefore, it is critical that you carefully consider and prepare your scholarship statement and that you refer to the criteria supplied.
  • In all circumstances pertaining to the scholarship, NTU’s decision is final.
  • If your scholarship application is approved, the institution may invite you to become a student ambassador or to participate in NTU’s online and/or printed marketing materials. For example, giving a student profile and an image that might be used to advertise NTU and its scholarship programs and courses. In addition, the Scholarships Awards Celebration scheme will include your name and course. If you do not want the school to use your data this way, please get in touch with the institution at [email protected].
  • Any scholarship you receive will be forfeited if you fail to finish your course and want to repeat it or pursue another qualified course.
  • If you fail to finish your course and the scholarship was not applied (i.e., you did not pay the tuition fees or the tuition payments were refunded), the scholarship may be available if you want to repeat the course or pursue another suitable course, according to the eligibility rules. You must apply for the scholarship again.
  • If you quit your study while owing NTU a part of your tuition costs, the scholarship will be used at the discretion of NTU and may be removed.
  • Master level awards are eligible for postgraduate Master’s studies (full-time and part-time only). LLM BTC, LLM LPC (full-time, part-time, distance learning), LLM (distance learning), MSc Human Resource Management (part-time), MA International Relations (Online), MA Social Work, MA Advanced Social Work Practice, MA Careers Leaders Training Programme, MArch Architecture, MSc Biomedical Science are among the courses that are not available (flexible learning). To find out whether your degree is qualified for the program, please email [email protected]. Other courses may be excluded at the discretion of NTU. Errors and omissions are tolerated.
  • NTU has the right to close scholarship applications to courses at any moment if the course is filled and no new applications are accepted.

How To Apply

After being admitted and applying for a scholarship, you must complete the application form. If you are not selected for your preferred scholarship, the institution will automatically evaluate your application for any other award for which you are qualified. You will be notified of your success within four weeks of the deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nottingham Trent University Offer Scholarships For International Students?

Yes, they do. Nottingham Trent University provides incoming foreign and European students outstanding, competitive scholarships worth up to 50% of their tuition. To be eligible to apply for a scholarship in 2022, you must already have a full-time undergraduate or graduate course.

How Can I Get NTU Scholarship?

Before completing their application for a scholarship, candidates must first complete their admissions application. After submitting your online application for admission, click the link “Apply for Scholarship” to access the application form.

What Grades Do You Need To Get Into Nottingham Trent?

You’ll need the higher grade of 6.5 if you’re beginning in Year Two or your last year. A 6.5 overall grade is required for a 1-year Master’s program. A 6.5 overall grade is required for 2-year Master’s programs, with a least 6.0 in speaking and listening. They accept the IELTS, TOEFL iBT, and Pearson Test of English (Academic) for the BTC.

Is It Hard To Get A Scholarship In The Uk?


In the UK, receiving a scholarship is challenging yet very coveted. Some grants only cover certain programs for a certain amount of time. Most likely, you won’t be able to move to another course or prolong the duration of earning the scholarship after you’ve accepted it and begun studying.

What Is NTU Famous For?

NTU is recognized for its strengths in chemistry, environmental studies, artificial intelligence, education, communication, computer science, and engineering. It also produces high-quality research.




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