6 Best Film Schools In Vancouver

Best Film Schools In Vancouver


Best Film Schools In Vancouver-Are you looking for a film school that is not only recognized as one of the best film school in Vancouver but also among the best film school in Canada, then you are on the right web page.

Film and television have become one popular means to pursue a career in television or film. There are a lot of new productions being worked on every day and more people are being employed for opportunities in production.

If you are thinking of getting into the film industry and you are looking for a place in Canada where you can go to that offer you a high chance of getting a job after graduation, then you should consider the film schools in Vancouver.

Vancouver is the third-largest production hub in North America and it is the largest in Canada. The city also hosts one of the densest clusters of VFX and 3D studios in the world.

Without much stress, let’s proceed…

About Vancouver


Vancouver is a major city in the western Canada of British Columbia. it is seen as the most populous city in the province with a population of about 662,248 and it has the highest population density in Canada with over 5,400 people per square kilometer.

The city is one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse cities in the country. Reports have it that Vancouver is one of the most livable cities in Canada although it is also expensive.

Best Film Schools In Vancouver

We are going to be looking at the best film schools in Vancouver. After intensive research, we were able to come up with some of the schools that will help you prepare for a career in film production, visual arts and photography.

These schools teach the main principles found in filming, editing and production which will help you adapt to the real-world practice and find jobs in film companies, studios, advertising agencies and also become self-employed.

  • Capilano University- School of Motion Picture Arts
  • Emily Carr University of Art and Design
  • Infocus Film School
  • Simon Fraser University- School For the Contemporary Arts
  • University of British Columbia
  • Vancouver Film School

  • Vancouver Film School

This is a private entertainment arts school that is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The school was established in 1987 and it is recognized globally.

The school has campus locations around Downtown Vancouver and comprises of six buildings. The Vancouver Film School offers hands-on production programs including film production, 3D animation & Visual Effects, Classical Animation, Acting for Film &Television, Digital Design Entertainment Business, Makeup Design for Film & Television, Sound Design for Visual Media, Writing for Film and Television, Game Design and Foundation Visual Art & Design.


It also runs a four-month Acting Essentials course and a 6-month Digital Character Animation program.

The school has alumni spread across jobs in the local film industry and also internationally and with this, you can easily get a job in the film industry after finishing your program.

In August 2006, one million dollars was set aside in scholarship for new students and in march, 2008, VFS and YouTube launched a competition for three full-tuition scholarships for the creators of three videos submitted and voted as favourites by the YouTube community; so you can see the VFS does invests in film production.

For more information about the VFS, visit: https://vfs.edu/

  • Emily Carr University of Art & Design

This is a public post-secondary art school that was established in 1925 and it is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The school was first established as the Vancouver School of Decorative and Applied Arts as a first degree-granting institution in British Columbia that was created majorly for students of both the visual and performing arts.

The University was later named after the Canadian artist Emily Carr in 1978. It is one of the oldest post-secondary institutions in British Columbia.

Emily Carr University of Arts and Design offers courses in sustainable design, photography, new media, visual arts, media, interactive media, communication design, illustration, ceramics, sculpture, product design, industrial design, and fine arts.

Here are some of the programs offered at the University:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cultural and Critical Practices, Illustration, Photography, or Visual Arts. Visual arts majors can choose to specialize in painting, ceramics, drawing, print media, or sculpture and extended practices.
  • Bachelor of Design in Communication Design, Interaction Design or Industrial Design
  • Bachelor of Media Arts in Animation, Film and Screen Arts, or New Media and Sound Arts.
  • Masters of Fine Arts in Visual Arts
  • Masters of Design

For more information about Emily Carr University of Art and Design, visit: https://www.ecuad.ca/

  • Infocus Film School

This is another wonderful film school in Vancouver and it is an independent school built to provide an accelerated education in film and entertainment arts. The school was established in 2010 and it has grown to become one of the top cinematic arts training institution.

It offers diploma and certificate programs in film production, 3D animation, visual effects, screenwriting and digital graphic design.

The school provides a superior education through accelerated hands-on learning and has professionals that instruct and mentor students through interactive classes with a focus on building a strong portfolio.


Infocus Film School education model focuses on hands-on, practical training and project based learning. Small class sizes ensure students are provided with a personalized learning experience, allowing individuality while still harnessing the collaborative nature of filmmaking.

For more information about Infocus Film School, Visit: https://infocusfilmschool.com/

  • Capilano University

This is a teaching-focused public university that is located in North Vancouver, British Columbia and it was established in 1968. The university offers degree programs that are approved by the British Columbia’s Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training.

Capilano University film school is the School of Motion Picture Arts and it is dedicated to inspiring and training a new generation of Canadian talent in the film, TV, animation, gaming and motion pictures industries.

It has studios with state-of-the-art equipment for shooting, digital production, editing and screening and costuming.

The school offers programs and courses for people looking for careers in filmmaking, documentary, games and virtual reality, visual effects, costuming, animation (2D and 3D).

CapU School of Motion Picture Arts also offers one of the only indigenous filmmaking programs in North America.

For more information about the CapU School of Motion Picture Arts, visit: https://www.capilanou.ca/

  • Simon Fraser University- School For the Contemporary Arts

Simon Fraser University is a public research university in British Columbia and it was established in 1965.

The Simon Fraser University Film School is called the School for the Contemporary Arts and students can obtain a BFA in film or minor in Film and Video studies.

In this program, students can learn to shoot 16mm film on Bolex and Arriflex cameras in their first two years of study and in the last two years, they continue shooting and move to digital video.

The school encourages students to gain experience in visual arts, music, performance studies, dance etc.

For more information about the Simon Fraser University- School For the Contemporary Arts, visit: https://www.sfu.ca/

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Vancouver good for filmmakers?
  • Actually, you don’t have to move to the U.S. to pursue your film career as Vancouver, BC offers you opportunities in the film and television industry. it is ranked among the top five cities in North America for film making and the Vancouver film industry has been in existence since 1913.

  • Is there a film industry in Vancouver?
  • Yes there is a film making industry in Vancouver and the sector employs over 60,000 people according to impact reports from Creative BC’s 2020. The city estimates more than 80% of the provincial film production activity in the region.

  • Is Vancouver Film School recognized?
  • Yes, the Vancouver Film School is recognized globally as in of the leading school in entertainment arts education and it offers 13 full-time programs to over 1000 students across eight campuses.

    Final Note

    From our intensive research, we have been able to come up with the best film schools in Vancouver. These schools are also recognized globally as leading schools when it comes to entertainment arts.

    Their alumni are among the most sought-after and successful actors, artists, creators and storytellers in the world of entertainment and arts so you see that studying film production at any of the film schools in Vancouver is a step in the right direction for your career.

    Vancouver is also seen as the film hub of Canada and so you could enter into the film industry after completing your program as there are a lot of opportunities in that sector.


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