50 Best Driving Schools In Vancouver

Best Driving Schools In Vancouver


Best Driving Schools In Vancouver-Are you living in Vancouver or planning on moving to Vancouver and you are want to start driving but looking for the best driving schools in Vancouver where you can learn how to drive, then you just saw the right post.

Driving has helped in the movement of people and goods in the past and even in the present day.

Vancouver is a major city in the western Canada of British Columbia. it is seen as the most populous city in the province with a population of about 662,248 and it has the highest population density in Canada with over 5,400 people per square kilometer.

The city is one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse cities in the country and has nice roads that makes driving an enjoyable experience for you.

So in this post, we will be talking about the best driving schools in Vancouver and how you can enroll so that you can start your driving lessons.

List Of Driving Schools In Vancouver


This is a comprehensive list of most of the driving schools in Vancouver and some other cities close to it. The list also includes motorcycle training centres in Vancouver.

  • 1st Gear Motorcycle Training School
  • 604 Driving School
  • A Fastrack Success Driving
  • A2z Driving School
  • Ace Driving School
  • A-Learn To Drive in BC Driving School
  • All Season Driving School
  • Alliance Driving School
  • Amazon
  • Ambleside Driving School
  • Amrit Driving School
  • Arbutus Driving School
  • Assertive Driver Training
  • Atlas Driving School
  • BB West Driving School
  • Benji’s Driving School
  • Best Driving School 1985 LTD
  • Bhullar Driving School
  • Burnaby Driver Training
  • Burnaby Professional Driving School
  • Can Drive Driving School
  • Capilano Driving School
  • City Drivers Academy
  • Cooper Driving School
  • Cyber Driving School
  • Cypress Driving School
  • D&M Driving School
  • Drive With Ellen
  • Driving Schools Vancouver Services
  • Excellent Driving School
  • Expert Driving School 96
  • Finesse Driving School
  • Fraser Driving School
  • Genesis Driving School
  • Global Driving Academy
  • Globe Driving School
  • Gold Star Professional Driving School
  • Golden Star Driving School
  • Grace Driving School
  • High Gear Motorcycle Training
  • Johnston’s Driving School
  • K2Driving School
  • Kitsilano Driving Academy
  • Komal Driving School
  • Ladies First Driving School
  • Let’s Drive! Driver Education Services
  • MacDonald Driving School
  • Mint Driving Academy
  • Mohsen Driving School
  • New Day Driving School
  • Newroz Driving School
  • North Shore Driving School
  • North Shore Driving School
  • Number One Driving School
  • Pacific Riding School
  • Port Coquitlam Driving School
  • ProRIDE Motorcycle Training
  • Queen B Driving School
  • RainCity Driving School
  • RITE-WAY Driving School
  • Saigon Driving School
  • SenSen Driving School
  • Shifting Gears Driving School
  • SmartStart Driving School
  • Solaris Vancouver Driving School
  • Streetwize Driving School
  • SurDel Drivers School
  • Tanya Driving School
  • TD Driving School
  • The Truth Driving School
  • Topas Driving School
  • Trinity Driving
  • UnME Driving School
  • Van South Driving School
  • Vancouver Safe Driving Academy
  • West End Driving School
  • WheelSmart Driving School
  • YOGI Driving School
  • Young Drivers of Canada

The Best Driving Schools in Canada

Here, we will be talking about the best driving schools in Vancouver. These schools have the best facilities and environment to train you to become an excellent driver and road user.

  • A-Learn To Drive in BC Driving School
  • Atlas Driving School
  • Fraser  Driving School
  • Global Driving Academy LTD
  • Golden Star Professional Driving School
  • Johnston’s Vancouver GLP Driving School
  • MacDonald Driving School
  • RainCity Driving School LTD
  • SenSen Driving School
  • Topas Driving School

  • Global Driving Academy LTD

This is an exceptional driving school in Vancouver and it is aimed at offering the best road safety training. The driving school helps drivers to develop confidence and safety awareness so that they will be able to deal with most unsafe situations while they are driving on the road.

Global Driving Academy uses innovative coaching Techniques in driving education to make learning to drive an interesting experience for students to make sure they remain interested in driving throughout their learning process. They offer licensed instructors who will help you become a safer driver.

They are a satellite navigator that will help you find the fastest route to getting your driver’s license.

To get more information about Global Driving Academy, visit their official website: https://www.gloda.ca/

  • SenSen Driving School


This driving school has an immersive and comprehensive one-on-one in car training for new drivers and with this; you will be having a distraction free and focused driving experience. The school offers vehicular rentals, road testing and free pickup and drop-off services.

SenSen Driving School has about 18 years of experience and the instructor is Alex Sen who was born in Vancouver, BC and he also has a driver’s license. He is fluent in English and Cantonese and he has completed the ICBC approved Driving Instructor Training Course and so you see that you are in good hands.

In 2021, the school launched a new vehicle, 2021 Toyota Corrolla Hybrid LE with dual steering wheel, brake and gas pedals. Your safety is the school’s number one priority.

For more information about SenSen Driving School, visit: http://www.sensendrivingschool.com/ or contact +17788613419.

  • RainCity Driving School LTD

RainCity is focused on providing excellent learner focused driver training and they also available for private lessons. The school is an ICBC approved driving schools that specializes in training for ICBC examination courses and for advanced driving skill and knowledge.

If you are nervous about driving, the school has a driving stimulator that can give you the experience and training you need in order to handle stressful situations.

RainCity Driving School looks to develop the most safe and responsible 5/7 drivers in Burnaby and East Vancouver and are focused on helping you take your driving skills to the next level.

It has over 100 reviews and so it is one of the best driving schools in Vancouver. For more information about the driving school, visit their official website: https://www.raincitydrivingschool.com/ or contact +16048574857.

  • Atlas Driving School

This is a family-owned business that has been operating since 2002 and it has grown to become one of the best driving schools in Vancouver and also Canada as a whole. They provide a solid foundation for people to help them become safe driver.

The school started with Keyvan who was responsible for all operations and he did well to provide the necessary services for his customers and from there the driving school grew to become what it is today.

The school has a mission of educating people with a strong foundation that will help them drive safely. They offer one-on-one programs that are focused on road safety and accident prevention.

Atlas Driving School has a slogan “Drive with Confidence” and its instructors speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Turkish, Hindi, Dari, Vietnamese, Urdu, Farsi and Punjabi.


For more information about the school, visit: https://atlasdrivingschool.ca/

  • Johnston’s Vancouver GLP Driving School

This is a locally owned company that trains young drivers and it was established in 1969. The school provides the highest standards of informative driving instructions in class and on the road.

Johnston Driving School is committed to training better, safer and law abiding driver. It also focuses on the importance of driver safety in order to make the roads and highways safer for all road users.

The school has instructors that are carefully screened and intensively trained to be able to provide clear, concise, excellent and superb instructions.

The school is an ICBC approved driving school and has ICBC approved instructors.

For more information about the school, visit their official website: https://www.drivingschoolvancouver.com/ or contact +16048756026.

  • Fraser Driving School

This school has been in existence since 1996 and has always been committed to equipping new and experienced drivers with the best driving skills so that they become defensive and safe drivers in any driving environment.

They offer comprehensive defensive program helps you to become a safe driver. They teach you to spot dangerous situations, how to avoid them and what to do if they happen.

They train students to pass the road exams as it is an ICBC approved school with ICBC approved instructors.

For more information about Fraser Driving School, visit: https://fraserdrivingschool.com/ or contact +16044549337.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do drive lessons cost in Vancouver?
  • This actually depends on the driving school as some of them charge $580 to $725 for complete package. The cost is based on the hours. So you can visit the school website for more information about the costs of their driving lessons.

  • How long does it take to finish driving school in Canada?
  • Your approved driver training course must be completed within a one year period from start to finish. The ICBC approved courses includes: at least 16 hours of in-class instruction and at least 12 hours instruction on the road.

  • Can I use my own car for driving lessons?
  • Of course yes you can use your own car for the lesson and also you it for the practical driving test provided that it meets the correct requirements.

  • What is the best driving school in Vancouver?
  • The best driving schools in Vancouver are:

    • SenSen Driving SchoolAtlas Driving SchoolGlobal Driving Academy LTDRainCity Driving School LTDJohnston’s Vancouver GLP Driving SchoolFraser Driving SchoolTopas Driving SchoolGolden Star Professional Driving SchoolMacDonald Driving SchoolA-Learn To Drive in BC Driving School

    Final Note

    Driving is really interesting and if you learn from a very good driving school, you will learn to be a safe and confident driver that respects other road users. We have taken our time to show you some of the best driving schools in Vancouver.

    Some of these schools are ICBC approved and offer one of the best driving lessons in Vancouver and also in Canada at large.

    Visit the official website of any of the schools you want to enroll in so that you will get all the information you need for enrollment.


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