Assist On Scholarship For International Students In Two-Year Programs At George Brown College

Assist On Scholarship For International Students In Two-Year Programs At George Brown College

Assist on Global Service in Canada Ltd. has donated to the Assist on Scholarship for International Students in Two-Year Programs. All registered foreign students at George Brown College in any year of study for all programs in this category are eligible for this award.

To be eligible for any of the scholarships, students must apply via STU-VIEW by choosing International Center Scholarships and be enrolled full-time as an International Student.

Overview Of George Brown College

George Brown College is a public, fully recognized applied arts and technology college with three downtown Toronto campuses (Ontario, Canada). Like many other colleges in Ontario, GBC was authorized by the government of Ontario in 1966 and opened the following year.

George Brown College has over 160 programs classified into undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, certificate, and diploma levels. Computer science, business management, and marketing are the most popular subjects at George Brown College, with the most applications. The institution provides diploma, advanced diploma, and degree programs, two of which collaborate with Ryerson University.

The Huskies are the school’s varsity sports team, and they compete in badminton, baseball, cross country, soccer, indoor soccer, volleyball, and basketball. Students may participate in more than 50 student groups at the institution.

George Brown College peer connects student support program connects students with peers who can assist them in managing their wellness and inclusion. Workshops, peer-to-peer assistance, and events and programs are organized around three pillars: wellness, inclusivity, and excellent food.

The Student Life staff at George Brown is devoted to supporting the success of all students by offering chances for you to interact with campus life outside of the classroom by hosting events, activities, and opportunities that encourage learning, development, and connection.

College life is about so much more than simply coming to class. Take advantage of the opportunity to expand your college experience by participating in events, networking activities, student organizations, clubs, or the Student Leadership Academy. Remember that you belong here and that you are not alone!

Scholarship Benefits

  • George Brown College will provide financial assistance to international students in any year of study for all programs to pursue their degrees in Canada.

Scholarship Criteria

The candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • The student must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • The student must be engaged in the community (college and/or outside).

How To Apply

  • Students must be enrolled at George Brown College in order to be able to apply for the Assist on scholarship for international students in two-year.

Admission Requirements For International Students

Admission Criteria Vary Greatly Based On Your Place Of Origin And The Certification You Desire To Pursue.

To get accepted into the program of your choice, you must:

  • To discover particular criteria for your nation, please pick your country of origin and credential of interest from the drop-down menu in “See Credential Requirements.”
  • Have completed senior secondary school or its equivalent (those applying for a postgraduate program must have graduated from a university or college)
  • You must be 18 years old or older at the time of enrollment. You must also pay a non-refundable $95 application fee.
  • Provide evidence of English competence if English is not your first language.

English Language Requirements

  • Proof that their secondary and/or post-secondary education was completed at a recognized institution where English is the major medium of instruction is required. The studies must be related to the entrance criteria for the program(s) being applied to (e.g., an advanced diploma or degree is required for a certain postgraduate program)
  • Applicants having transcripts from institutions where English is not the medium of instruction may fulfill English language competence criteria.

Proof Of English Language Proficiency Validity

  • IELTS/TOEFL/PTEA/DUOLINGO – 2 years from test date
  • GBC EAP certificate (Level 8 or 9) – No set limit established, but review may be required if over 3 years since completion.
  • GBC Admissions Test – 1 year
  • Certificate of Completion from approved private language school partner – 1 year
  • Certificate of Completion from other Ontario public Colleges EAP – 3 years
  • 2 consecutive years FT High School in Canada or other English-speaking countries – graduated within last 4 years
  • Degrees/Diploma, 2+ years’ FT in Canada or other English-speaking countries – graduated within last 4 years

Conditional Admission Through EAP

The George Brown English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program’s level 8 or level 9 must be successfully completed by applicants from qualified countries who do not fulfill George Brown’s English language entrance criteria for admission to the college’s diploma, postgraduate, and degree programs.

Programs Types At George Brown College

Diploma/Certificate Programs

Diploma/Certificate programs last one, two, or three academic years. The majority of programs begin in September and/or January.

Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificates are postgraduate programs available to individuals who have previously completed a university or college degree. These are 8- or 12-month programs aimed to provide graduates with advanced abilities in a certain professional sector.

A career-focused postgraduate program is a competitive advantage as more College and university graduates join the employment market. Through field education, your theoretical learning is supplemented with current work skills, on-the-job experience, and industry contacts in less than a year. George Brown Degree postgraduate programs might also provide opportunities for working professionals to enter new or related sectors.

Degree Programs

Financial Services, Hospitality, Construction Management, Early Childhood Development, Behavior Analysis, and Interpretation are among the degree programs available. These four-year Bachelor’s Degree programs combine theoretical study with field education possibilities.

EAP (ESL) Program

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) at George Brown is a full-time curriculum separated into 9 levels of 8 weeks each. When you arrive, your language abilities are tested, and you are put at the appropriate level. You may also request placement based on a TOEFL or IELTS score at the time of acceptance. The average student studies for 6-10 months. The curriculum prepares you for continued academic study at the College and permits suitable individuals to apply for conditional admission to George Brown’s postsecondary programs.

University Transfer

Your credential from George Brown College also serves as a passport to higher study at a variety of Canadian and foreign tertiary institutions.

Degree Programs At George Brown College

Arts, Design & Information Technology

  • Honors Bachelor of Brand Design 

  • Honors Bachelor of Digital Experience 


  • Honors Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Services)
  • Honors Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Analytics) 

  • Community Services & Early Childhood
  • Honors Bachelor of Interpretation (American Sign Language)

Early Childhood Education (consecutive diploma/degree) 

  • Honors Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership 

Construction & Engineering Technologies

  • Honors Bachelor of Technology (Construction Management) 

Health Sciences

  • Honors Bachelor of Behavior Analysis 

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

Hospitality & Culinary Arts

  • Honors Bachelor of Commerce (Culinary Management) 

  • Honors Bachelor of Food Studies 

  • Honors Bachelor of Business Administration (Hospitality) 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is George Brown College Best Known For?

The institution is renowned for being the first to use a distant education system. There are now over 15,000 online education students from all around the globe.

Why Do Students Choose George Brown College?

George Brown College combines study with practical practice. They promote real-world learning and provide students with chances to collaborate with industry leaders in applied research and field education.

Does George Brown College Provide A Work Permit?

A job offer is not required for students to apply for a post-graduation work visa. The work permit is not employer specific and is “open” (which means that students do not need to change their work permit every time they change jobs).

What Is The Difference Between The Admissions Test And The Placement Test?

Admissions examinations are used to assess whether you fulfill the College’s admission standards. After accepting an admission offer, you will be required to take placement tests in English and/or Math. Placement tests decide whether you are ready to take college-level credit courses in English and/or math in the first semester or whether you need to take a foundation-level course first.

How Long Is The Processing Time Once I Submit An Application Through The Online Application System (Oas)?

The processing period begins when they start processing applications, not when the intake is available for submission. The current processing period for applications is 3-4 weeks. George Brown College is unable to accept all candidates who fulfill the minimal general and program-specific standards. Please keep in mind that programs may shut off early if worldwide enrolment has already been reached and there is no more space. The submission of an application does not guarantee acceptance into a program.

The Program I Am Interested In Is Closed. Is There Anything I Can Do?

Unfortunately, programs may shut off early if worldwide enrolment for that program has already been met and no more spots are available. You may inquire with the International Center or your admissions officer about available alternative programs, or you may have to wait for a future intake.





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